We have the opportunity to reach a total of 6 partnership levels through our donations to Edenprojects! Together we can change lives and we can make the world a little greener!

Currently we are rank 1 and have the ‚Seed Level Partner‘ title.

We are listed on the official Edenprojects website and will now try to move up the levels. in the partnership program!

Seed-Partner list on Edenprojects.org

Here we would like to share all the latest pictures from the project sites where our partner Edenprojects is planting countless trees. Edenprojects are the best in their field and we are glad that we can support such a great company to give something back to the environment and make people rethink. It’s time to do something!


We will update the photos of the project sites monthly and will also share more information regarding our partnership with Edenprojects on this page!