$??? is a frictionless, yield-generating contract
$??? is a BSC contract that, after its impact, entails 3 phases of reconstruction, which subsequently lead to the independence of mankind.


🖥.  Website launch

💙   Community building

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The pre-disaster phase, is characterized by fear and uncertainty. The specific reactions and feelings that a community experiences are hard to describe.

The community will spread the word to everyone so that mankind can slowly prepare for the Impact!

Phase 1 – Impact

🌏   Token launch

📈   CMC listing

🦎   CoinGecko listing

👋   Marketing 

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The impact phase, is characterized by a range of intense emotional reactions. Initial confusion and disbelief typically are followed by a focus on self-preservation. The impact phase is usually the shortest of the three phases of disaster.

With the impact, all liquidity tokens are destroyed and the ownership is renounced. Thus $??? becomes a rug pull secure token.

At this point, everyone will try to protect their values and get their hands on the decentralized currency $??? and the price will skyrocket.

Phase 2

📈   Exchange listings

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The heroic phase, is characterized by a high level of activity. During this phase, there is a sense of altruism, and many community members exhibit adrenaline-induced behavior.

As a result, risk assessment may be impaired. More and more people will get on board and the token will be listed on more and more sites and exchanges.

Phase 3

💎  NFTs
😊  Community crowdfunding

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The reconstruction phase, is characterized by an overall feeling of recovery. Individuals and communities begin to assume responsibility for rebuilding their lives, and people adjust to a new “normal”. $??? Will now be used as the main means of payment and thereby mankind will experience complete independence as an intergalactic species.