a Binance Smart Chain token that grows trees!

Trees planted!

Trees planted!

Our partner - Edenprojects

At this point we would like to thank our experienced partner Edenprojects (eden forest restoration ), who makes it possible to plant countless trees verifiably through our donations!

Many thanks also to our holders! Let’s make the world a little greener!

Check out our Edenprojects site!


If you would like to donate BNB directly to us to plant trees, you are welcome to do so by simply sending it to our tree wallet!

Edenprojects plants one tree for an average of $0.10!

In addition, you can help us get listed on a great exchange! You can simply send BNB to our exchange wallet! Many many thanks to all who make the planet a little greener! 🌱


Exchange listing wallet:



Total transparency for the community and traceability of tree donations is extremely important for $GROOOT. The contract was developed in such a way that a rug pull is impossible. More information about our mechanism can be found below. You can also check our source code on the upper right corner via the GITHUB button!


Tree donations

our goal is to plant more than 10,000,000 trees this year through our payments to Edenprojects! Together we can invest with the awareness of doing something good for the environment. Through the Deflationary contract and the unique burn mechanism in relation to our donations, we are able to efficiently plant more and more trees without affecting the $GROOOT market price.


$GROOOT is a decentralized community token in the magical land of DeFi on the Binance Smart Chain and together we can bring our first meaningful cryptocurrency to the people through the power of memes and social media! It’s the future of investing your money while helping the environment. Anyone can join our team if they want to make important contributions. Just contact us on Telegram!

Together we are powerful! WE. ARE. GROOOT!


$GROOOT is a decentralized community token built on the Binance Smart Chain.

The Mission of $GROOOT is to plant as many trees as possible through our donations to Edenprojects. Every time a transaction (buy or sell) takes place with GROOOT, 3% of that transaction is distributed.

– 1% of each transaction is transferred to our Tree Wallet (This Wallet plants trees and its liquidty is locked).

Community decision: 0.2% will be used for marketing purposes

– 1% of the transaction is removed from the total supply (i.e. „burned“).

– 1% will be automatically distributed to all GROOOT holders.

Profits from the tree wallet will be donated to Edenproject, who will use them to plant trees.

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Since the tree wallet is a holder, it receives more than 1% of the transaction fees like all other holders. These excess funds are automatically sold at regular intervals. The proceeds from the percentage mentioned above are donated to Edenprojects via direct transaction to their official Coinbase wallet – thus planting trees. In the meantime, a greater value is burned than that which was donated. This mechanism is unique and lets us efficiently plant trees without affecting the market price of $GROOOT.

The total amount of tokens in the Tree Wallet cannot be less than 34% of the original supply. (due to a locked liquidity in contract)


Contract code:


Tree donations

Tree donations

Click on the images to track the donation transactions, or scan the QR code.

We have initially provided $8,000 liquidity to our token. This money is in relation to the circulating supply on Pancakeswap and is locked until the end of 2021.

Unfortunately the Pancakeswap API is down, so it is not possible to determine the value of the locked liquidity – Check unicrypt 



Our $GROOOT smart contract has been
audited and approved by TechRate.org

About us

We are Manuel and Markus, both 25 years old and have been good friends for over 10 years. This friendship started with our education at a high school in the field of computer science. Inspired by digitalization and with a heart for nature and environment, only one way arises for us – to combine both. We also have someone else on the team, but they wish to remain anonymous.

Our mission is to give back as much as possible to the earth and to manage the climate crisis in the best possible way. So that also next generations and all present living beings here on the planet can lead a beautiful life. Something urgently needs to change in people’s minds and we are convinced that we can make this step!

Markus Flicker (Max)

Developer of WeAreGrooot;

Currently working as project engineer in an international Company;
Programming skills in Swift, Solidity, PHP, C#;

In my free time I love to be outside and do sports. My favorite sports are climbing and hiking, closely followed by volleyball in summer and skiing in winter. Bicycling and trail running are my favorite compensatory sports. If the weather sucks i follow one of my indoor hobbies like programming or doing research whats new in digital world.

My way to cryptos: It all started when an acquaintance told me that there are ways to get 10% interest on fiat currencies. Since you can get ridiculous interest rates at local banks and I have always been open to new things, so this topic deserved more of my attention. I started researching and reading up on the crypto world. Meanwhile, I told Manuel about my new interest, whereupon he said that he had also recently dived into the world of cryptos. After all, it didn’t take long and GROOOT was born.

Manuel Plaschzug (Mani)

Designer and website developer of WeAreGrooot;

Currently working full-time as software product engineer in an international company;
Skills with Photoshop, Sketch and web development;

In my free time I like to work on the PC and try to explore new ideas and exciting topics with my colleague Max. I also like to go hiking and biking. In winter we often go snowboarding on the ski slopes, of which we have enough here in Austria! Otherwise I love road trips through the beautiful nature, relaxing at the lake and nice evenings with friends. I also rediscovered my love for cryptos. And the best thing is – we could combine it with environmental protection!

My way to cryptos: I made my first contact with Bitcoin back in 2014 and got involved with mining. Unfortunately, after the first bull run, I sold my Bitcoins for a few lousy thousands, which turned out to be a pretty big mistake today. However, I have now found my way back to cryptos. The idea to start our own cryptocurrency came to us when we tried trading different altcoins about half a year ago. Somehow it should be possible for us to develop an environmentally friendly token – this idea quickly turned into Grooot. And here we are now, looking forward to making the future a little greener!

If you would like to be a part of our team, or you have any other concerns please contact us via Telegram, Twitter or this contact form.

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